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Technical Plumbing & Drainage

Plumbing and drainage for garden rooms

Many of our clients commission us to install toilets, showers, wash hand basins and mini kitchens in their garden rooms, all of which need to be connected back to the existing house systems. We are pleased to offer this as an additional service to our clients.

Typically we dig a trench from the garden room back to the existing house systems and connect the mains water supply and the waste services using a series of underground pipes. In situations where a traditional 4" gravity drainage system is not suitable due to distance or varying ground levels, we can provide a packaged pumping station to pump the waste back to the nearest waste point. The type and cost of the system that we use to deal with the services varies from site to site depending on local conditions and needs to be evaluated by one of our surveyors during a site consultation. Clients should note that we do not recommend the use of small bore pipes (typically 20mm in diameter waste pipes, normally associated with macerators which were designed for internal use in cellars or lofts) underground and that we provide a more robust solution which has been specifically designed for external operation underground and for pumping waste over distance. Plumbing installations are provided with an isolator tap as standard so the system can be isolated from the main house for servicing and maintenance.
For remote locations where there is no access to a mains sewage system we offer an easy to use vented and waterless self contained composting solution to deal with the waste. The unit is designed for use in holiday homes and comes from a new brand of systems whose design and technology dispels the myth that composting systems create odours and are unhygienic.