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Technical Cabling for Services

Cabling for services for your garden room

We use SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) cable to bring the electric power from the existing house fuseboard to the garden room. The mechanical protection provided by its steel wire armour makes it suitable for external and underground use. The size of the cable that we use depends on the loading imposed by the garden room on the existing house fuseboard and the distance between the garden room and the existing house.

Garden rooms with electric showers, underfloor heating etc impose a greater load than a typical garden office with basic lighting and heating. Our electrician calculates and specifies the SWA cable for each project on a case by case basis.
For TV services we use Coaxial cable which is double shielded. For data services such as broadband, telephone, alarm, intercom etc we use CATV cable which is shielded. We provide the cabling between the existing house and the external services junction boxes on the outside of the garden room.
Typically, cables are secured (clipped) to a boundary wall or fence. Inside the house, where possible, cabling is concealed behind kitchen units, wardrobes, under suspended floors etc, where this is not possible it is concealed within a white surface mounted trucking. In projects which involve plumbing and drainage and there is a service trench running between the house and the garden room, we provide protective ducting and bury the cables in the combined services trench along with the water and waste pipes.
The cost of cabling for services varies from site to site and depends not only on the size of cable used but also on local conditions such as the distance between the existing house and the garden room, the complexity of the route, whether the cables are surface mounted or buried in a service trench.
You will need to get your service provider such as BT, SKY, Virgin Media etc to make the connections to the cabling that we provide. They will need to wire and make the connection at the following points: at the existing house end, at the external junction boxes on the garden room and internally at the wall mounted box we provided. They will also need to provide and wire the final wall plate and activate and test the line service. We advise that you check with your service provider in advance that the cabling we provide as standard is compatible and suitable for use with the service that they are providing you with.