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Planning permission for garden studios

Most of our buildings do not require planning permission and are constructed as 'permitted development'. And there's more good news - permitted development guidelines were relaxed from 1st October 2008. Our Outdoor Rooms can be constructed without the need for planning permission even within conservation areas. You can read the full text of the new rules governing outbuildings on the Planning Portal website.

On the rare occasion when planning permission is required - usually when your property is listed - we offer a full planning service. This includes CAD drawings of the proposed Outdoor Room, completion of the planning application forms and dealing with the local authority on your behalf.

Disclaimer: This guidance relates to the planning and building regulation regime for England. Policy in other parts of the UK may differ. The above is intended for information purpose only and is not a definitive source of legal information. Compliance with planning and building regulations is the responsibility of the householder and we strongly recommend that you contact your Local Authority.