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Camargue pavilion

A stylish louvered pavilion that protects you from the sun and rain all year round. Ideal for gardens, patios and roof terraces at residential and commercial properties.

Contemporary design, clever engineering and high quality materials seamlessly combine to produce a flexible outside space that can be used in either a residential or commercial setting. Made with robust, high quality, low maintenance materials, including an aluminium frame and rotating roof blades, and a choice of glass panels, wood shutters or glass fibre screens, Camargue is designed and built to withstand the changing British weather and stay looking beautiful all year round.

A size for every space

  • Mounted
  • Free-Standing
  • Modular

The Camargue pavilion is modular, flexible and available in a range of sizes to suit different spaces.

The free-standing option is ideal for gardens, roof terraces and commercial pop-ups. While the mounted Camargue seamlessly attaches to your building to create a stylish additional room that can be enclosed or open sided.

The adaptability of the design means you can join one or more Camargue pavilions together to cover a larger space. You can even create L-shaped pavilions that wrap around the building.

Sunny, shady, cool, or cosy

Sunny, shady, cool, or cosy

The roof blades on Camargue rotate through a full 150 degrees, so you have control over how your space feels. During the summer months when the sun is high in the sky, you can tilt the blades to create a cool and shady space that’s still light and airy. During the cooler months when the sun is low, the position of the blades helps you enjoy the last remnants of the evening sunshine.

Integrated drainage

Any water that collects on the roof is carried to the edge of the frame and down the side of Camargue by integrated invisible water channels, where it then seeps into the ground. It means you and your furniture won’t get wet as you open the roof.

Integrated drainage
Change at the touch of a button

Change at the touch of a button

With Camargue there are no awkward handles and pulleys. The aluminium roof blades are fully automated and are opened, closed and rotated with a handheld Somfy remote control. So as the weather conditions change you can manage your environment easily.



Explore Features

Explore Features

Easy maintenance

Camargue is designed and constructed to need very little maintenance. But it does require some care and attention once a year. Our two-part maintenance kit, which you can purchase, has a Cleaning product that deals with dust, grime, moss and insect remains by carefully lifting out the dirt. It can be used on the glass fibre screens too.

Then after cleaning, the frame and blades should be finished with the kit’s Protect product. This ensures the colour of your frame and blades stays strong, as well as providing extra protection from the rain, sea air and UV rays.