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Manufacturing of our garden rooms

With a high percentage of traditional site-based construction projects delivered late and over budget, we have introduced the necessary changes and embraced the model of off-site construction. Sites such as rear gardens are not the most efficient workplaces.

Restricted access, lack of services and exposure to adverse conditions and weather can all be problematic, especially when compared to the proficiency of the factory floor environment. Our combination of off-site construction and careful, detailed project management delivers a fast-track building method. We employ innovative materials and methods of building that are safer, more efficient, minimise disruption and guarantee a higher quality and standard of finish for our clients, in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Although the methods and processes that we employ are relatively new to the UK and have only been brought to the general public's attention by programmes such as Grand Designs, they are tried and tested and have been successfully in use in mainland Europe and the US for decades. Because we design, manufacture and install our garden buildings in-house without the need to employ sub contractors or rely on external kit suppliers we can guarantee a level of control and responsiveness necessary to complete projects on time and to specification. Quality checks are undertaken at every step of the process from the assessment of raw materials through to the dispatch of the finished product. Our experience has shown that this results in you receiving a quality product free from defects, requiring very low-level maintenance during its lifecycle.

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